Energy Industry in Pennsylvania

The second-largest producer of natural gas in the U.S. and home to the largest unconventional natural gas field in the world, Pennsylvania is driving down energy costs and opening new opportunities for manufacturers.
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    Keying in on Energy:
    Natural gas reserves transform the Keystone State into a manufacturing magnet.

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  • PA’s 2004 Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards law was the first in the United States to include both renewable and alternative energy sources.

  • In 2014, PA’s Marcellus Shale yielded a record-breaking 4 trillion cubic feet — 16% of annual U.S. consumption.

  • Over the next decade, new project installations are expected to add 5 GW of capacity and generate $17.7 billion in investment

Industry Profile

  • 2nd in natural gas production
  • 2nd in electricity production
  • 3rd in total energy production
  • 5,917 employers
  • $71,952 average annual wage


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